Sunday, 22 May 2011


whippoorwill your words interstitially


  1. In high school, Melissa, we would hear the whippoorwill at night - persistent and loud and full of wakefulness. It seemed to me that the gap or empty space would be waiting for the whippoorwill to call again. And it never stopped. And Issa will place me in the doghouse, but we would throw empty Upper Ten pop bottles at the bird. I think we lost all structure in those nights of the whippoorwill.


    - interstice is an empty space or gap between spaces full of structure or matter.

  2. Hi Sully, great to see you here!

    I love whippoorwills. My main experience of hearing them has been at a very rural outdoor theater we go to several times each summer, where nearly every performance features a whippoorwill chiming in at some point, forming a counterpoint to the words of the actors (they're usually performing Shakespeare so there is something timeless about the whole experience).

    I'm not sure Issa would really disapprove of you throwing pop bottles at the whippoorwill. He would probably think it was kind of funny, as long as you didn't actually hit it. :)