Wednesday, 4 May 2011

liberation day existing again I wear a hat


  1. Love this. It's one of those utterances that seems inarticulate at first but ends up making perfect sense, or at least satisfying the sense-desiring part of your brain.

  2. He, he, thanks. It's one of those "chains of thought" that is difficult to put down in writing (for me, at least). The ambiguity of "liberation day" connected with a presumed re-existing and the mundane, but symbolic action of taking on a hat ... what can I say but what is in the ku? ;-)
    (Now I know why I'm NOT a scholar. I hate taking haiku apart ... especially my own)

  3. Yeah...I was gonna get all analytical on you but then I thought, that is not really the point of this ku...the point is that it works, in some un-analytical way.