Thursday, 3 November 2011

Ringo 3:16


  1. David, I am at a loss. Give me another line, a hint, a compass direction.


  2. a rainbow wig, sporting events, in the stands behind the goal posts, holding a sign . . . Linus' Christmas speech . . . Matthew, Mark, Luke & John . . . John, George, Paul & Ringo

  3. Thank you for the response, David. Now it is my turn. Me and my big mouth, now I’m at bat…

    I do know about Ringo and I have seen the 3:16 signs at Wrigley and elsewhere and months ago I even looked up the verse in John. But you wisely did not tell me why you put these two images together.

    If you are uncertain in how to proceed, you can always fall back to what you learned in high school: compare and contrast. Implied comparison and contrasting images are well worn haiku methods. Ringo is a modern icon, a reminder of all that was great with the Beatles; 3:12 is an icon for biblical values.

    A tale of whimsy --
    There is whimsy in these two images. Ringo always seemed to me the least serious of the group – not quite the class clown but at least the cut-up banging on the drums. But he is a Beatle, quick get his autograph and photo. The signs of 3:16 or John 3:16 show up in the oddest places. Is this a spoof or a modern day icon? Do I mention in casual conversation that I spotted Ringo in the crowd or that I spotted another one of those enigmatic 3:16 signs today? Are religious icons and relics and celebrity autographs all part of the cultural mix? And what if you could spot both Ringo and 3:16 in the same crowd – cool.

    The realm of true believers --
    The true believers will look at Ringo as a living breathing reminder of the great body of work that is the Beatles legacy. He will remind them of the lyrics that soared into poetry. In a similar way (and some would insist a more profound way) the 3:16 sign will bring true believers back to the important and life changing words of the four gospels. There is a prophet in the crowd, Jeremiah really stalks the stadium. And it is appropriate that both images point back to serious written words that can change our life.

    This comment, fast approaching a long-winded essay, needs a summary. Actually, three summaries. One, I want to be with the true believers although sometimes I do listen to the siren call of whimsy. Two, compare and contrast a short hungry haiku with a meandering essay. Haiku wins. Three, I will never again ask a good poet for a clue. Just read the images and the words.